Policeman assaults woman for refusing to enter police cell

By on November 7, 2017

A police officer in charge of the Dompim Police Station in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality of the Western Region, Inspector Emmanuel Osei, is alleged to have whipped a female suspect for refusing to enter police cell.

The woman, Sarah Darko, 29, was arrested and sent to the station for allegedly slapping another woman in a marital dispute.

According to the victim, the police officer first hit her with a plastic object and later with a stick when she refused to enter the station’s cell.

“I joined them to the Dompim Police Station. After informing me that it was upon my rival’s instruction that I was brought there, they asked me to go into the cell, which I refused.”

Sarah added that: “Inspector Emmanuel Osei started forcing me into the cell, but again I told him the matter has been settled already so I will not go in there. So I held the counter table when the inspector was forcing me into the cells.

He started hitting my hand with a (plastic) ruler. Then he went for a stick and started whipping me hard at my buttocks and in my palms until he finally forced me into the cell”.

Sarah said she went through the ordeal in the presence of her husband, one Francis Tofega, who had also gone to the police station over the same matter.

Later, she said Inspector Emmanuel Osei allegedly demanded a GH?400 bailing fee after several pleas from Sarah’s husband, which was reduced to GH?350, and she paid.

Sarah, feeling dissatisfied, has taken the matter to the Nsuaem Police Station, but several calls to Inspector Osei’s phone have gone unanswered.

Also, several calls to ASP Eric, said to be in charge at Nsuaem Police Station, were also not answered.

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